Advanced  "Green"  Structures

Air Domes

Air Domes

AirScape represents the most innovative technology in air supported domes since 1971. Our advanced load distribution design enables the use of durable lightweight materials never before conceivable to cover spans never before possible. Only the highest quality materials ensure that our air domes will exceed your expectations.

Air Supported Buildings

AirScape air domes can span large areas without any internal obstructions. Basic air supported structures are held up with high air pressure created by blowers. Standard air supported structures also use heavy cover materials that block out most of the sunlight.Air Supported Buildings However, AirScape's air supported buildings use fans for high air volume, not high pressure. AirScape's proprietary lightweight cover materials allow in up to 85% of natural sunlight. AirScapes are tough, weatherproof, capable of withstanding heavy winds and severe weather, including heavy snow and hail. Our unique design prevents snow load.

Cover for Indoor Riding Arenas

Cover for Indoor Riding Arenas

The demand for equestrian arenas has increased the awareness of AirScape Advanced Air Structures. The durable design and construction makes AirScapes a safe habitat for horses, keeping the animals perfectly comfortable and sheltered from storms while allowing them to maintain a very natural feel. AirScape air supported buildings let almost 90% of natural sunlight to refract into the riding area, providing more than enough illumination to sustain any vegetation year round! AirScapes exclusive design also quarantines horses to protect them from airborne virus and bacteria. The easy portability of an AirScape brings the benefits of indoor riding arenas to any event, anywhere. The horses are as protected as they would be within a barn, but have the ability to graze on naturally growing grass as though they were in a completely open and uncovered field. Let AirScape serve as your meadow, general paddock, safe storage, and horse stalls all under one roof!

21st Century Sports Domes

Sports Domes

The grass is always green in AirScape sporting arenas. From tennis domes to covered soccer and football fields, AirScape provides excellent playing conditions and shelter for athletes and fans alike. Our structures have no size limit, allowing them to accommodate any type or shape of field. When you use one of our AirScape sports domes, you never need to worry about weather interrupting your game: rain, wind, and snow are kept safely outside no matter how severe. AirScapes produce an indoor SHADOW-FREE stadium with conditions that have been described as "creating a feeling of well being" and "enhancing athletic performance."

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