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Airplane Hangars

Whether you are a casual airplane owner who simply maintains a small hobby jet, or a representative for a large air carrier or airport planner, don't build a single hangar until you've considered AirScape's clear span structures. AirScape's do not have any internal supports, which makes maneuvering around the hangar safe and easy. Old airplane hangars are difficult to maintain and difficult to expand or dismantle. However, AirScape's exclusive technology has transformed air structures into a secure and reliable means of storage for planes that surpasses old hangars in every way.

Airplane Hangars

The size and shape of an AirScape can be adjusted easily, making them the perfect hangar for any airplane. Even better, an air dome can be erected in less than a day and provide you with an infinite shelter. Most conventional hangars tend to be flimsy, becoming damaged or even torn apart by high winds. AirScape's roofing system never needs repairs.

AirScapes also create a natural, shadow-free, sunlit work area. The clear span feature makes operating cranes and scaffolding as easy as being outdoors without any internal obstructions.

With AirScape air supported domes, wind becomes completely irrelevant. The tough outer shell of the structures and the sleek aerodynamic design combine to allow wind to simply glide over the dome with the aerodynamics of a Boeing 757.

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New Technology in Air Supported Domes

The major advance in technology that gave AirScape air supported domes the edge over traditional hangars came when we created domes that could be set up anywhere. Today's AirScape structures can be placed on any airstrip or in any field, on concrete or on grass. The structure will be durable and reliable no matter what surface it is fastened to. AirScapes are also cost effective for storing an unlimited amount of aircraft under one roof.

In the air travel industry, this is a huge advantage. It allows for a great degree of flexibility in planning and airport design, but also allows the individual to quickly and easily create storage for a plane. In the event of a craft change in the future, air based airplane hangars can simply be switched out. Within a day or two, your new larger airplane will have a space that fits it perfectly.

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