Advanced  "Green"  Structures

Temporary Modular Buildings

With AirScape air domes, you don't face any of the problems that you would with traditional construction. Unlike other temporary modular buildings, AirScape can be adapted to fit the space you have at 10% to 20% the cost of conventional buildings. There is no need to make them cramped due to high cost; your only limitation is the room you have on your site. AirScape's flexible material options

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Benefits of AirScape Construction Covers

Anyone who has ever been involved with an outdoor construction worker knows that having good weather is as important as having a good temporary building as the site's center of activity. By using an AirScape temporary structure to cover your entire construction site, construction companies can ensure good weather all the time. But that isn't the only benefit. In addition AirScapes:

  • Keep workers more comfortable.
  • Stop wind and soil erosion.
  • Keep dust contained.
  • Is custom designed for your particular site.
  • Has no size limitations.
  • Do not need an air lock to allow vehicles in and out.
  • Can be deployed in one day to prevent months of weather delays.

The unique technology of today's AirScape advance air supported structures allows an unprecedented degree of flexibility in form and function. Indeed, when used as construction covers, domes are hardly even noticeable: they simply become part of the background, a passive thing helping to make your job move along quickly and smoothly. They won't block light, they will never echo, and they evacuate fumes from running equipment up to once per minute to keep your air as fresh as the outdoors.

High Quality Air Domes

No matter what you need to cover or where you need temporary modular buildings, AirScape air domes can fit the bill. AirScape structures make excellent greenhouses, allowing a precise level of temperature control. They are also easy to install, and can be erected on nearly any surface. AirScapes make good construction covers for any size site, from the most remote to the most urban.

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