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AirScape Indoor Riding Arenas

Although AirScape initially manufactured air domes to be used as greenhouses, it didn't take long for us to begin getting requests for structures to be used as indoor arenas. From the first request, we began building our knowledge base, tweaking and improving every design to ensure each of the indoor riding arenas we build fits every possible need.

infoor riding arenas

At AirScape, we have always been dedicated to customer service. However, whenever one of our buildings will hold animals like horses or cows, we are always extra careful. We know how important your animals are to you, and we see it as our responsibility to make sure that you can leave them alone in AirScape riding arenas, confident that they will be safe.

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When you do use the space for riding, you can rest assured that the ventilation system is quiet and the acoustics good. Many of these domes are used for conferences and speeches as the aerodynamic shape absorbs the sound, rendering it clear but still organic. The same is true when you teach a lesson inside one of our AirScape riding arenas. Your students will hear you as clear as a bell.

Quality Materials, Innovative Building

To that end, we have designed a number of features into AirScapes that can be useful for keeping livestock. The fan system built into every structure we make offers ventilation and a cool breeze during even the hottest summer day. The temperature can be precisely controlled, making for easy and stress free maintenance.

Likewise, AirScape indoor riding arenas can be designed with window clear to opaque materials to allow almost 100% of the natural light to come through at one end of the structure and less at the other end. This is more than enough illumination to allow grass to grow, providing you with a second, enclosed paddock when you don't care to use it as an arena.

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