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A History of Air Domes

AirScape is proud to be an air dome pioneer. AirScapes are the only "year round" tennis air dome that can keep you cool even in the hottest climates. AirScapes also create broadcast lighting at the net using only natural sunlight. AirScapes do not require unsightly and expensive indoor lighting to distract from the game. Our structures are always cutting edge, able to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily in almost any circumstance. Over the years we have been in business, we have noticed that our air domes tend to be popular as tennis bubbles. AirScapes operate at less than 20% the pressure required for standard air supported structures, giving the ball much better play.

Whether you are looking to cover one court or an entire tennis center, we can help you find the right size enclosure. We have helped many customers with their tennis needs throughout the years, giving us a good background to approach your tennis air domes. However, although our experience will get you the dome that fits your needs, we also know that each situation is unique. You, our client, are our first priority.

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tennis bubbles

Tennis Bubbles

A good tennis facility must have a number of important factors. First the facility must have proper lighting. AirScape produces a SHADOW-FREE lighting experience with broadcast conditions at the net.

Secondly, the air domes must have excellent ventilation. AirScapes can refresh the air in the structure up to once per minute. That's 12 times faster than standard air domes. With AirScape tennis bubbles, the ventilation is natural. The entire structure is supported by airflow and the resulting cooling is a natural by-product of that. Similarly, heat can be generated in the winter for ideal temperature control all year round.

Next, the facility must be durable. Tennis involves a lot of impact on court walls, and occasionally on facility walls. A structure simply must be prepared and AirScape tennis domes fit the bill. With durable construction and cutting edge covering that is lightweight yet strong, our domes can easily handle even the most vigorous tennis serve.

Installing AirScape Tennis Domes

AirScape's one piece covers are easy to transport. In fact, a large building can fold up small enough to fit on a single palette. Once the tennis domes arrive at their destination, the cover can be deployed in one day and inflated in less than 5 minutes!

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