Advanced  "Green"  Structures

Hay Covers

AirScape's high ventilation rates keep moisture and mold at a minimum giving you a healthier roll of hay. Now, there is no reason to allow your crops to be damaged by substandard facilities when AirScape's time proven technology has provided such a wealth of new options for hay covers.

Hay Covers

One of the best options for protecting your hay is the use of an air structure. AirScape's air structure technology has proven versatile: there are many different uses for it, including temporary buildings. As AirScape has yet to find a limit to the size of these structures, it appears unlikely that new uses will stop being discovered any time soon.

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Using Air Structures in Agriculture

Every agricultural use for these innovative designs stands to benefit with maximum performance. Grain drying and hay covers are applications where exceptional ventilation and sunlight bring healthy conditions to the product. The risk of loss is practically eliminated from livestock, crop, fish and algae production; profits are guaranteed. Even your personal garden greenhouse will assure your family a flourishing crop year round!

  • There is no chance of mud developing and leading to strained tendons and ligaments.
  • Never again worry about a horse being unusable because of a shoe sucked off by mud.
  • Filtered air and a slightly positive pressure keep insects out to protect your animals with all the benefits of living outside without any of the health hazards. Up to 90% of natural sunlight can be transmitted through the fabric of the AirScape's air structures, providing an inner environment with all the benefits of an outdoor field.
  • The only difference is that the inner structure will not get the wind, rain, snow and severe weather that an open field would.
  • Call AirScape today to find out even more ways that our air structures can benefit you.

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