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AirScapes as Sports Domes End

From the beginning, the potential for air domes to become sporting arenas was clear: erecting an air dome over a field to protect it while not in use is much faster and more effective than laying tarps. However, until the field of air domes really began to develop, use of air supported sports domes weren't as commonly used as they are today.

Now, however, AirScape's innovations in the field have made air domes an even better choice. Unlike standard air supported domes, AirScape modern air soccer domes do not need to use airlocks. The specialized control systems that come with the dome control air pressure automatically, maintaining the structure even with wide-open loading doors. AirScapes use high volume fans with low energy requirements, keeping your cost down.

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Soccer Domes

One of the first sports to feature fully air-based domes was soccer. A soccer field lends itself to being covered by the natural configuration of standard AirScape. AirScape's advanced Cable Technology covers spans up to 1,000 ft. (300 meters) wide by unlimited length! No one else can make these claims. AirScape's flexible design can fit any footprint from stadiums with only a few tiers of bleachers or a professional arena. Soccer domes remain a popular use of clear span technology.

Different designs can be created by combining traditional brick and mortar buildings with AirScape's advanced air supported structures for a truly unique building. In addition to being a very unique design statement, AirScape's sports domes help protect fans and players during the game. The shell of an AirScape can be customized to allow in more or less light, making it as easy to see as though the game were being played outside! However, spectators and players won't end up squinting into the sun, nor will they ever be rained out due to severe weather.

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