Advanced  "Green"  Structures

Air Domes as Sport Domes

From soccer to football to hockey, sports arenas are flocking to the AirScape technology. An air dome provides superior protection from the elements, good glare prevention, and portability, but is just as sturdy as a permanent structure. AirScape sport domes also have the advantage of excellent ventilation as a natural by-product of the fans that keep the structures intact.

However, AirScapes aren't only useful for stadiums. Many architects have praised AirScape for use in design, citing their clean and innovative look. An AirScape has even been used to protect the fragile roof of a Frank Lloyd Wright castle, underscoring how reliable AirScapes really are. Whether it's sport domes or great architectural achievements, AirScapes are the clear choice.

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indoor pool enclosures

Indoor Pool Enclosures

This reliability and functionality makes AirScape a great choice for covering a pool. If you are looking to protect a commercial pool from the elements while maintaining space for customers, AirScape indoor pool enclosures fit the bill. They can be adapted to any size and customized completely to fit any space. Their shape is customizable as well, allowing you to add visual interest to your pool building's silhouette.

Similarly, if you are looking for a private pool cover, air domes are an excellent option. With private pools, you may choose to install a covering on top of an existing building foundation, in essence replacing the roof rather than the entire building. This gives you the option to turn indoor pool enclosures into outdoor enclosures by removing the roof, but maintains your privacy from your neighbors because the walls remain. Even better, you can choose a completely window clear dome to allow a sky view year-round, even when the roof is overhead. You can also choose varying degrees of sun filtration if you are concerned with sunburn or glare.

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