Advanced  "Green"  Structures

Air Supported Structures

AirScapes were originally designed to produce greenhouse conditions. AirScapes are the only air supported buildings that support vegetation. These conditions speak highly for AirScape's healthy and thriving conditions.

Even today, in a world that has seen air supported structures expand to be used in many different ways; AirScapes are the only structure of its kind to create greenhouse conditions.

Commercial Greenhouses

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Commercial Greenhouses

AirScape's natural conditions and unobstructed clear span technology maximize the efficiency and crop yield for commercial greenhouses. AirScape's exclusive air flow technology permits separate atmospheres to keep CO2 in and heat out. Our fire retardant, mold resistant, self cleaning cover materials are maintenance free. Replacing broken glass is a thing of the past. The larger your business, the more you stand to gain from replacing your traditional setup with AirScape exclusive air supported structures.

Using Air Supported Buildings

Unlike standard air supported buildings, AirScapes do not need airlock style doors. Even for large vehicle doors. AirScape structures are highly flexible, meaning there is no need to compromise. You can get the exact conditions you want.

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